The Adventures of John L. Steelhard

A ripping saga of tantalizing adventure

The Adventures of John L. Steelhard is an exciting new adventure series by author James B. Riverton.  The first book in this series is Black Tiger, "a ripping saga of tantalizing adventure" and origination story of the legendary hero John L. Steelhard.  

A sudden force can move boulders like charging waters. Perfect timing allows an eagle to pounce on its prey for the kill.
— Sun Tzu

Soar Like an Eagle!

The Adventures of John L. Steelhard continues in book three of this epic series:  EAGLE.

Official Book Cover for   The Adventures of John L. Steelhard:  EAGLE

Official Book Cover for The Adventures of John L. Steelhard:  EAGLE

Book Description:

The Adventure continues as John L. Steelhard and his growing army of special ops warriors, the Black Tigers, adapt from terrestrial combat to celestial warfare.  In the vast heavens above, Earth’s mightiest hero will challenge Earth’s colossal gods from a bygone era, the Anunnaki, as well as their Tall Grey alien masters, for control of the Moon and the rest of the solar system.  With the aid of Eagle, the most powerful interstellar fighter in the Universe, Steelhard must utilize human and artificial intelligences to free a race of alien slaves, battle the overwhelming strength of the Anunnaki’s Guardian Fleet and deny their Tall Grey Masters access to an armory of super advanced technology hidden within the Moon.

Failure is not an option, or the future of Earth will be in doubt. Only with sheer cunning and steelhard grit can Earth’s inferior forces battle the combined power of the forces of planet Nibiru and an interstellar empire of evil intent. It is the beginning of the ‘Battle for the Galaxy’, and the unraveling of the Mysteries of Creation.  Join John L. Steelhard as he laughs, lusts, and blows up alien guts in the continuation of this ripping saga of tantalizing adventure!

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