The Adventures of John L. Steelhard

A ripping saga of tantalizing adventure

The Adventures of John L. Steelhard is an exciting new adventure series by author James B. Riverton.  The first book in this series is Black Tiger, "a ripping saga of tantalizing adventure" and origination story of the legendary hero John L. Steelhard.  

That we find a crystal.. beautiful means that we are less alone, that we are more deeply inserted into existence than the course of a single life would lead us to believe.
— John Berger

Crystal Clear Adventure!

The Adventures of John L. Steelhard continues in book four of this epic series:  CRYSTAL.

Official Book Cover for  The Adventures of John L. Steelhard:  CRYSTAL

Official Book Cover for The Adventures of John L. Steelhard:  CRYSTAL

Book Description:

John L. Steelhard, fresh from his conquest over evil galactic alien forces, must now confront the most powerful entity in the Universe, Chaos, an inter-dimensional force that controls all of dark energy in the multi-verses. This is a confrontation that will require all of Steelhard's enhanced powers, the Ki gene, and the alliance of his Artificial Intelligence Crystal allies to attack into the heart of this powerful new enemies' domain. He must free an imprisoned Supreme Sentinel entity from a Super Quasar, the entity who created all known life in the Universe, to aid him in the upcoming conflict between the Forces of Light and Dark. 

Unknown, and hidden, amongst the stars, a disgraced Dark Crystal Sentinel entity stalks Steelhard. It is an entity that will attempt to capture and subdue his Ki gene essence, in a quest to extinguish all Light in the Universe. The Dark Crystal Sentinel, whose universal power is unrivaled, controlled by Chaos, can and will assume any form, even as one of the most beautiful women in the Universe, to defeat the Universe's greatest hero and bring all biological life to an end. 

It is the ultimate battle for control of the Universe; John Li Steelhard against the Universal Dark Forces of Chaos.

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